Janet Leigh

Drawing is the start and end of every piece . 


My name is Janet Leigh. I moved from Sydney to Northcliffe in 2008.  

Here, partner Jeff and I have developed and now run a thriving Truffle Farm.  

Painting and drawing have been ongoing obsessions since I first picked up a paint brush in 2005.  In my previous 2 series I worked with soft pastels and acrylic.

Now an iPad and my fingers are my tools.

How I work

I work on an ipad using apps like; Brushes and Sketches. I draw directly on the screen using my fingers and digitally collage images together.

What I'm working on now

I've been creating outlandish urban scenes and settings based on travel snaps and whatever flotsam gets caught in my daily news feed.

What next

I am looking to go bigger.  I want the viewer to feel more like an actor in one of my scenes and step in to the picture.

Available now