About me


I was born in Peru. 

My parents brought me here aged 4.  I can remember my first words in English...

"Janet ...Knows nothing".. the little girl said as she gestured to her nose.  

Despite that, I love the language and all its heroes. Words and writing are precious to me.

I make images.

The work


I am an avid news reader and collector of clippings (now digital).

My work is about using these in subversive ways, 

It is about cutting chunks of everyday life and all its flotsam; love letters, ticket stubs, holiday snaps and setting them up a new.

I am a saboteur.

The process


I use an iPad and apps Brushes and Sketches.  

With these I draw using my fingers on the screen and cut, layer, erase and rework my own work. 

I import and manipulate my images as well as anything publicly available that gets caught in my daily news feed. 

I love mistakes.